About Us

Mission Statement

To add value to the entire supply chain by being customer focused throughout our process, guaranteeing the best products for our customers, surety for our suppliers and shareholders, providing a safe work environment for our employees whilst enriching their lives and all those in the local community.

Company Profile

The partners of Darling River Meats have more than 100 years of combined successful experience in the Australian red meat and livestock industry.  Each of the partners brings a unique set of skills and experience, which forged together, represents expertise across the entire spectrum of the meat industry.  This experience incorporates livestock breeding and procurement, animal welfare, meat processing ownership and management, food safety and quality assurance, warehousing, transport and logistics as well as sales and marketing.

The partners had a vision to construct a brand new state of the art, purpose-built small stock processing facility incorporating the latest technology.  That vision has become a reality with the opening of the Darling River Meats facility at Bourke, NSW, Australia, in 2018.

Darling River Meats is a private company that is 100% Australian owned.

Darling River Meats Small-Stock Plant

The partners of Darling River Meats identified a strategic opportunity to fill a gap in the goat export industry. With approximately 65% of Australia’s rangeland goats in the state of NSW, and without a single goat-specific export processing plant in NSW, and with the majority of goats in NSW being trucked huge distances interstate, namely to Victoria, South Australia and Queensland -   the gap in the market has been filled by the construction of the new Darling River Meats small-stock plant at Bourke.

Darling River Meats’ newly constructed small-stock plant specializes in the processing of goats for export.  The plant has the latest technology for processing skin-on goats, but will also be processing skin-off goats.  The full range of goat carcases and 6 way cut carcases, as well as offals and by-products are produced to meet the exacting demands of our customers.

The advantage of building a brand new processing plant is that the latest technology from around the world can be incorporated into the plant. No expense has been spared to ensure this plant is the most technologically advanced of its kind in Australia. This technology has far reaching benefits including food safety, improvements to hygienic processes, and additional processing stages to guarantee the best presented product possible to deliver to our customers. The plant has been designed and constructed to meet the exacting import country requirements of world markets and to guarantee our customers a superior product.

It is envisaged the plant will operate at a regular throughput of  3 - 4 000 head per day,  but will have an ultimate capacity to process more than this when the supply is available.