• Halal Certified

100% of Darling River meats goat products are halal certified.

  • AUSMEAT Certificate of Accreditation

AUS-MEAT accreditation ensures a livestock processing plant must implement an AUS-MEAT approved quality management system designed to ensure consistency of quality and accurate product description. This gives our customers the confidence to purchase our products knowing our specifications are closely audited.

  • Australian Government Export Licence
  • Department of Agriculture Export Systems
  • Department of Agriculture Certificate of Registration Establishment 2985
  • Animal Welfare (AAWCS) Certified

AAWCS is an independently audited certification used by Australian livestock processors to demonstrate compliance with the industry best practice animal welfare standards. The AAWCS assists Australian meat processing establishments demonstrate to industry, Australian and international regulators, customers and consumers of Australian meat products their commitment to industry best practice animal welfare. AUS-MEAT administers and audits the program on behalf of Australia Meat Industry Council (AMIC).

  • HACCP¬† Certified


  • NSW Food Authority Licence