Our Location

The Darling River Meats small-stock processing plant has been purpose built on a green-field site 14 kilometers north of Bourke in NSW, Australia. Bourke is 750 kilometers by road to the north-west of Sydney.   The plant is situated in a flood-free zone just two kilometers from the iconic Darling River.


Why Bourke?

 Bourke is located in the heart of the fertile lands of the  Murray- Darling food basin. The basin is known as the “food basket” and accounts for nearly 40 % of Australia’s total food supply. It seemed a perfect fit to build a brand new state of the art small-stock plant in Australia’s “food bowl” and to locate it in the center of the highest goat density population in Australia.

It is estimated that the state of NSW contains over 65% of the Rangeland goat population in Australia. The highest density of the goat population is in the west of NSW and Bourke is located right in the center of the goat catchment area. The town is well serviced by major highways running in each direction.  Being located in the center of the highest density goat catchment area will significantly reduce freight costs and more importantly reduce trucking distances of the live goats.

Because of our location, the significantly shorter average trucking distances of live goats to the plant ensure the best possible animal welfare outcomes, placing less stress on the animal and ultimately producing a much better product for our customers.


Feral goat distribution and abundance map 2016