Australian Rangeland Goats

The Australian rangeland goats are a unique animal.  They are a truly wild, free-range animal.  They freely roam the Australian rangelands browsing on leaves and shrubs.  They are naturally disease free and are therefore free of chemicals or artificial hormones. In fact –it is hard to think of a more natural organic meat than Australian goat meat.

Goat meat is considered the most widely consumed meat in the world. It transcends religious boundaries and often forms the centerpiece of cultural observances within ethnic groups throughout North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. With centuries of population immigration – goat meat has become a truly globally consumed red meat.

Not only is goat meat delicious and nutritious, but it suits a wide variety of cooking styles. Young goat is tender and delicate, while older animals are ideal for long, slow cooking and stand up well to strong spicing, making it ideal for hot pots, curries and casseroles. Goat is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than other red meats and chicken, and is higher in iron than beef- which makes it a perfect choice of protein.

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of goat meat, accounting for about 50 per cent of global trade.

Your Guarantee of Integrity and Quality

Together with the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program and National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) is a critical part of the Australian red meat industry’s integrity system – a system of food safety measures, quality assurance and traceability from paddock to plate that guarantees the integrity of Australia’s goat meat industry.

Halal Certified

100% of Darling River meats goat products are halal certified.

Our Customers

Although we have a highly experienced team, our Darling River Meats brand is new. We intend to forge very close relationships with our customers and treat them as partners, where we can grow the business together. The partners of Darling River Meats are very proud of our product and we envisage our customers will share this pride and enjoy the success of selling our brand.    

Our Product Range   

Darling River Meats specialize in the processing of goats for export.  The plant has the latest technology for processing skin-on goats, but also process skin-off goats.  The full range of goat carcases and 6 ways, cubed goat pieces for retail and food-service, as well as offals and by-products are produced to the exacting specifications required by our customers.

Carcase Products

  • Skin-on carcases
  • Skin-off carcases
  • Skin-on browned carcases

  (Skin on carcase)          (Skin off carcase)         (Skin off carcase 6-way cut)     Shown above    

These are categorized into specific weight ranges to accommodate the customers’ requirements and are packaged in a poly liner with a stockinette outer covering

Cartoned Product

  • Skin-on 6 way cut carcases
  • Skin-off 6 way cut carcases
  • Skin-on  6 way cut browned carcases
  • Browned heads
  • Browned feet
  • Scalded feet


Additional items can be produced to cater for specific customer requirements



  • Plucks
  • Hearts
  • Tripe
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Testes
  • Pizzle
  • Spleens



Additional items can be produced to cater for specific customer requirements